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HX-CH7609A Helix Antenna for UAVs and Surveying

The HX-CH7609A Helix Antenna from Harxon is a high performance GNSS antenna for precision positioning applications

The HX-CH7609A helix antenna from Harxon is a high performance GNSS antenna designed for high precision positioning applications and offers superior satellite signal tracking, including GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou, as well as L-Band correction service. Ideal for applications as surveying and mapping, and various UAV deployments.

Despite weighing only 30.5g  and with compact dimensions of 43.6×40.8mm (dxh), the HX-CH7609A helix antenna offers a high gain and high accuracy solution and is an easy solution to integrate into many precision positioning projects.

The HX-CH7609A adopts advanced circuit layout and a robust pre-filtered LNA that features an excellent out-of-band interference rejection performance and inhibits possible unwanted electromagnetic interference.