WB20 – low profile quad band puck antenna

The WB20 is a low profile quad band puck antenna for permanent mounting in fixed and mobile GSM and cellular applications

The WB20 is a cost-effective low profile quad band puck antenna designed for permanent mounting on non-metal surfaces in cellular and GSM applications. Housed in a robust radome, the WB20 has a mounting stud underneath and locking nut to hold it in place.

Ideal for discreet kiosk, cabinet and terminal environments where a low height antenna is required, the cable length and connector exiting from the centre of the mounting stud are configurable. Common connectors include SMA, FME-Female and MMCX. TS9 and CR9 are also available.

This antenna is not designed to be mounted directly onto a metal surface.

The formal part code for this antenna is FWB235164-SM-2K.

For a higher gain solution, the CPO also offers 3G support and better performance in a slightly bigger form factor.