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CPO – 3G GSM puck antenna

The CPO is a 3G GSM puck antenna ideal for fixed and mobile enclosures, terminals and cabinets

The CPO is a 3G GSM puck antenna with 2-3 dBi gain housed in a tough and durable enclosure. The antenna is a screw-mount antenna requiring a 20mm hole. The cable exit is on the underside of the antenna and once mounted is totally enclosed, watertight and secure.

This low profile antenna is secured in place by a nut that is tightened from underneath. The CPO is ideal for metering, telemetry and telematics applications where a discrete antenna is required, but performance cannot be compromised.

The formal part code for this antenna is FCPO35163-SM-3K.

A cellular version (CPT) and 2.4/5.8 GHz (CPW) version of this antenna are also available from EAD.