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CLG – low profile LTE GNSS puck antenna

The CLG is a LTE GNSS puck antenna, a low profile solution for roof-mounted vehicle applications requiring 4G and LTE as well as GNSS functionality.

The CLG is a LTE GNSS puck antenna with one 4G/LTE multiband element and one GPS/GLONASS element. Mounted via a stud underneath, the CLG is low profile and designed for continuous outdoor use on vehicles, enclosures, cabinets and other devices for applications such as telematics, wireless CCTV, security and telemetry/remote monitoring.

Fed by one cable for the 4G/LTE multiband element and one cable for the GPS/GLONASS, the CLG  puck antenna is a compact and robust antenna based on the proven CPO platform. This antenna is IP67 rated when mounted correctly onto a flat surface.

For a MIMO LTE and GNSS low profile puck antenna, please check out the CMG antenna.