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WY300-4N Wideband UHF Four Element Yagi Antenna

The WY300-4N Wideband UHF four element yagi basestation antenna is a wideband directional antenna covering frequencies from 300 to 500 MHz

The WY300-4N Wideband UHF four element yagi antenna is a patented design from Sirio using an innovative feed system. Offering a maximum gain of 8 dbi, this antenna is compact, measuring 600 x 480mm, whilst offering robust RF performance. It has a high symmetrical radiation pattern in both E and H planes.

The WY300-4N terminates in a N-Female connector. In conjunction with RF195, RF240 and RF400 low loss coaxial cables, this antenna offers a very flexible UHF directional antenna installation. The elements are anodised aluminium and other materials are UV-resistant thermoplastic and chromed brass.

For 430-450 MHz omni antenna, please check out the SO-437.

For pricing on the WY300-4N wideband UHF yagi antenna, please contact us.