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SO-437-N Outdoor Omni antenna 430-450 MHz

The SO-437-N Outdoor Omni antenna is a wall-mountable solution for antenna deployments using the 450-470 MHz frequency bands

The SO-437-N Outdoor Omni antenna from Sirio is a 450-470 MHz frequency band wall-mount omni antenna terminated in a N-Female connector. Mounted on a stainless steel wall-bracket, the SO-437-N outdoor omni antenna has a brass radiating element and is housed inside a durable, weatherproof fibreglass sheath.

Offering a gain figure of 0 dBd / 2.15 dBi with a VSWR of less than 2:1 across the band of interest from 450 to 470 MHz, this antenna is an effective performer for rapid outdoor deployments. It can be installed in conjunction with our RF240 and RF400 low loss cables for installations where the antenna is located some distance from the UHF radio device.

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