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GPS-L1L2-28Mag magnetic mount low profile antenna

The GPS-L1L2-28MAG is a GPS L1 L2 magnetic antenna is a high gain, high performance magnetic mount antenna designed for long lasting deployment.

The GPS-L1L2-28MAG GPS L1 L2 magnetic antenna from PCTEL is an active, high gain, high performance magnetic mount antenna. This antenna meets MIL461 standards for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) as well as DO-160 standards for airborne equipment.

Assembled with a with a hermetic seal for long lasting, trouble free deployment and durability, the GPS-L1L2-28MAG offers a best in-class solution for precision GPS applications. Ideal for high-end, professional tracking and precision agriculture, this antenna is lightweight, however is installed via a strong magnetic mount underneath. The antenna is connected by way of a SMA-Female connector and a low loss jumper cable such as RF240.

For more information on the GPS-L1L2-28Mag Magnetic, please contact us.