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GNSS1-TMG global GNSS network timing antenna

The GNSS1-TMG is a global GNSS timing reference antenna suitable for GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU timing and synchronisation applications

The PCTEL GNSS1-TMG is a global GNSS timing reference antenna covering GPS L1, GALILEO E1, GLONASS L1 and BEIDOU B1 (COMPASS) frequency bands.

There are two models:  a 26 dB gain or a 40dB gain version.

This antenna is based on a quadrifiliar helix design and in conjunction with a low noise, high gain amplifier and advanced out-of band rejection, the GNSS1-TMG antennas offer superior performance for timing and synchronization applications.

The 40 dB version is best suited to applications requiring long coaxial cable runs. There are also a number of mounting kit options available depending on the type of installation.