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8111D-HR GNSS Magnetic High Rejection Tracking Antenna

The 8111D-HR GNSS Magnetic mount high rejection tracking antenna is ideal for any global GNSS tracking application requiring an externally mounted antenna.

The 8111D-HR GNSS magnetic high rejection antenna from market-leading antenna vendor PCTEL is ideal for any global GNSS tracking application that requires an externally mounted antenna. PCTEL’s proprietary filtering design allows wideband coverage while achieving superior out-of-band rejection. 

Mounted via integral magnets in the base, the 8111D-HR GNSS magnetic antenna is fully waterproof and designed for continuous outdoor deployment.

This antenna offers 26 dB LNA gain with exceptional filtering capabilities. Various cable lengths and connector configurations are possible. Please contact us for details, configurations and pricing.

For small quantities for European customers, the 8111D-HR can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

For a GNSS timing antenna, check out the GNSS1-TMG or the 8178D antennas both from leading manufacturer PCTEL.