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BMLPVMBLTE rugged compact LTE mobile antenna

The BMLPVMBLTE rugged compact LTE antenna is a very low profile groundplane dependent magnetic or permanent mounted antenna

The BMLPVMBLTE rugged compact antenna from PCTEL is a very compact multiband low profile antenna covering  LTE/4G/3G and 2G frequencies. With an overall height of just 61mm, this antenna is ideal for demanding telematics applications where antenna height constraints are critical. This BMLPVMBLTE rugged compact antenna has a NMO connection therefore it mates to either a NMO magnetic or permanent mount which should be purchased separately.

BMLPVMB/LTE Technical Data:

Frequency Range: 690-2700 MHz
Average Gain*:       3 dBi
VSWR:                <2:1
Polarisation:         Linear, Vertical
Impedance:          50 Ohm
Dimensions:         61x38mm (d x h)
This antenna requires mounting onto a metallic surface (groundplane) for correct operation.

It can purchased via the Connex webshop in small quantities.