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M2MAC-UF-XX-FMB – UFL to FME-Male Bulkhead adapter

The M2AMC-UF-XX-FMB is a UFL to FME-Male Bulkhead adapter cable that can be customised to customer-specific lengths for enclosure mount applications

The U.FL to FME adapter cable is a UFL to FME-Male Bulkhead adapter cable. The two connectors are joined by a 1.13mm micro coaxial cable.

This adapter cable enables connectivity from a radio module with a U.FL receptacle antenna port to an external antenna.

There are two standard options offering 100mm and 200mm cable lengths. Other cable lengths are possible from 50mm cable length upwards.

Custom configurations are available using alternative cable types, lengths or with o-rings on the bulkhead connectors, please contact us for more details, availability and pricing.

For U.FL to SMA-Female Bulkhead adapter cable, you could consider the M2MAC-UF-XX-SFP.