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Pentamag – GSM 3G pentaband magnetic mount antenna

The Pentamag is a GSM 3G pentaband magnetic mount antenna ideal for fixed and mobile applications using pentaband GSM cellular and 3G frequencies

The PentaMag is a GSM 3G pentaband magnetic mount antenna covering the cellular, GSM and 3G frequency bands. The exact frequency support is 824-960 and 1710-2170 MHz. Designed for fixed and mobile applications, the PentaMag requires a groundplane to operate correctly, this can be a metal enclosure, bracket or vehicle roof.

Offering a gain of 2 dBi, the PentaMag is designed for M2M (Machine to Machine), Telemetry and Telematics applications requiring wireless connectivity to multiple cellular-based frequencies including GPRS and 3G networks. Applications include vending, kiosks, access points, telematics and telemetry deployments.

The antenna is available in fixed cable and connector configurations. As standard it is supplied with 3M RG174 and SMA-male connector.4

The formal part code for this antenna is FMAG35153-SM-3K.

For 4G magnetic antennas, the L-Mag is suitable alternative.