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UWB45727 – 450 LTE outdoor omni antenna

The UWB45727 is a 450 LTE outdoor omni antenna designed for dual-band 450-470 and 700-2700 MHz operation ideal for access to both 4G/LTE networks

The UWB45727 antenna is a 450 LTE outdoor omni antenna operating and 450-470 MHz / 700-2700 MHz frequencies.

With a gain of 2.5 dBi on the 450 MHz band and a minimum of 4 dBi on the upper bands, the UWB45727 with its single feed N-Female connector is an innovative solution for all-band LTE applications requiring a single one-antenna-fits-all solution.

Housed in a durable fibreglass sheath, the UWB45727 is a robust solution for continuous outdooor deployment.

Supplied with an Aluminium wall-mount L-bracket, it mates to a range of low loss cables so the installation can be customised to the cable length required.