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MIMO-Blade – 4G LTE MIMO blade antenna

The MIMO-Blade is a LTE/4G multiband waterproof MIMO Blade antenna suitable for fixed and mobile LTE applications to IP67 environments

The MIMO-Blade is a 2 x LTE/4G multiband waterproof MIMO blade antenna designed to complement 4G and LTE routers, modems and gateways in fixed and mobile applications. Housed in a robust, durable cover and IP67 rated cover, the MIMO-Blade is a discreet solution for mounting on non-metal surfaces such as vehicle windows, dashboards, inside kiosks or terminals or in locations outside a vehicle or enclosure.

The MIMO-Blade is supplied with two RG174 cables and these can be specified to customer-required length and choices of connector, SMA-Male, FME-Female and TS9 connectors are popular. The MIMO-Blade antenna is fully IP67 compliant.

Applications that this MIMO antenna is used for include vehicle telematics, vending, kiosks and wireless video. The MIMO-Blade is supplied with removable suction cups for mounting and can also be mounted with adhesive tape, velcro, cable ties or plastic screws.

The MIMO-Blade can be purchased by European customers via the Connex webshop.

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