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RF195 cable assemblies offer low loss solutions

20th August 2019

RF195 cable assemblies from EAD are now available. They are built to customer requirements based on length and connector type. The RF195 cable assemblies supersede the BWL195 cables that EAD has supplied for many years. RF195 cables are manufactured in the European Union and assembled in the UK to customer specifications. With many connector options, including N, TNC, SMA, RP-SMA, BNC, FME and QMA, we can tailor the cables to the exact requirements for the applications.

RF195 cables have an outer jacket diameter of just 5mm. This means whilst offering excellent RF performance they retain flexibility which makes them great for tricky cable runs.

Other low loss cable options from EAD include RF240 and RF400.

For more information on RF195, please contact us.