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RF Antenna switch

RF Antenna switch recent custom development design

The RF antenna switch shown in the image is a recent custom development that allows the connection of two antennas on a single RF
The circuit is based on a 50Ω characteristic impedance RF relay that is rated up to 3 GHz. It is designed to operate an
all the major celluar and IoT bands normally available.

In its normal operation, i.e. with the relay deactivated, antenna 1 connected at the INT port (port 2) is operational. Normally this arrangement provides an embedded antenna that can be effective in several operating conditions.

If antenna 1 becomes non-operational, antenna 2 connected to the EXT port (port 3) becomes active, providing this antenna has a DC short circuit in its design, the relay will be activated and the RF module will be automatically connected to this second antenna.

The whole RF antenna switch circuit is mounted on a 40×50 mm PCB that provides four mounting holes, so this device can be integrated into a product casing by means of plastic spacers or holders.

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