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MIMO-Blade LTE waterproof antenna now available

EAD is pleased to introduce the MIMO-Blade antenna, a 4G/LTE multiband waterproof MIMO blade antenna designed for window, dash-board or non-metal surface-mount applications. Housed in a durable and robust over-moulded cover, the MIMO-Blade is water resistant and can be installed inside or outside a vehicle. For telematics applications, this may be on a truck outside the cable and affixed to a non-metal surface or for machine to machine communications the antenna may be stuck inside a kiosk or public data terminal enabling high speed data communications over LTE or 4G services.

MIMO-Blade antenna

The MIMO-Blade is supplied with two robust suction cups for mounting. Adhesive tape or velco patches can also be used (not supplied with the antenna). The antenna is terminated in two RG174 cables and a choice of connectors is available, but SMA-Male and TS9 are most common to connect to 4G and LTE routers and MiFi dongles.

For more information and pricing, please contact us or your local distributor or reseller.