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UHF Antennas

SAS is pleased to present a full range of UHF antennas for mobile, vehicle and base station applications covering frequency ranges from 380-512 MHz and 800-900MHz. Products can selected based on frequency, cable and connector type or the mounting method.


The LMO4547 is a MIMO (2 port) 450-470 MHz Multiband dual polarised omni-directional antenna. Housed in a durable radome, the LMO4547 antenna is suitable for outdoor applications including leisure marine environments to improve reception of LTE 450 MHz signals, especially for wireless broadband, security and CCTV deployments.

The frequencies supported are 450-470 MHz.

The LMO4547 measures approximately 187mm in height and 106mm at the base. It will be available with or without the wall/pole mount bracket and fed by two short pigtail cables, allowing for longer jumper cables to be connected for specific cable runs.

The LMO4547 antenna is supplied with a gasket and a moulded nut as standard so the antenna can be installed as a permanent, through-hole mount solution to be mounted onto a non-metal surface or enclosure. Alternatively, the antenna can be ordered to include brackets for wall or pole mount.