VLQ Multiple port MIMO LTE WiFi vehicle antenna

The VLQ Multiple port MIMO LTE WiFi vehicle antenna is ideal for professional telematics and wireless applications requiring multi antenna support

The VLQ Multiple port MIMO LTE WiFi vehicle antenna is manufactured by Laird.

It consists of multiple radiators under a single housing. Configured with ports that can cover 698-960/1710-2700 MHz, 2300-2700/4900-5900 MHz and GPS (1575.42 MHz) allowing for MIMO/SISO and/or Navigation/Location opportunities within the same antenna. Connector options include SMA male connectors for 3G/4G LTE and GPS ports with an RPSMA male connector for the WiFi ports.

The housing incorporates a low-profile, rugged design that meets IP67 standards. The antenna also features high impact, UV-resistant polycarbonate plastic available in black or white. The VLQ is a permanent mount antenna with a separate coaxial cable for each antenna element. With gain figures of 3.2 dBi in the low band to 6 dBi in the 5 GHz band, the antenna offers exception RF performance.

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