TRAB4503 450 MHz robust low profile antenna

The TRAB4503 450 MHz is a robust low profile groundplane dependent antenna operating at 450-470 MHz that can be magnetic or permanently mounted

The TRAB4503 450 MHz robust low profile UHF antenna from Laird operates in the range of 450-470 MHz. Mating with a compatible magnetic or permanent NMO mount, this antenna is a compact solution for both fixed and mobile applications where a groundplane (or metallic mounting surface) is available for the antenna.

The antenna is compact, in fact it is just 88.9mm in height. The radome options are black or white.

This antenna offers proven exceptional performance and is a mature product deployed in many UHF applications world-wide.

We stock the black radome version of the TRAB4503 450 MHz antenna. Please contact us for mounting options, pricing and lead times for customised mounts.

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