FlexMIMO dual band flexible MIMO antenna

The FlexMIMO dual band flexibile PCB antenna from Laird is a 2 port 2.4/5 GHz internal antenna for integration into WiFi and WLAN devices

The FlexMIMO dual band flexible MIMO antenna from Laird is an innovative solution to integrate into WiFi devices and terminals. Based on a PIFA (planar inverted F antenna) design, this innovative design enables consistent performance across the frequency bands whilst dramatically reducing the real estate required for two internal wifi dual band antennas.

Measuring just 33.25 x 33.25 x 4.44mm, the FlexMIMO dual band antenna is compact and is simple to install with optimised orientation and spacing for MIMO radio operation. It comprises of two integrated 2.4/5 GHz dual band elements specifically designed for 802.11 MIMO applications.  As standard, this antenna is fed by two 100mm cables each terminated in a U.FL or U.FL compatible connector.

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