FG8243 800/868 MHz Fibreglass Outdoor Omni antenna

The FG8243 800/868 MHz Fibreglass outdoor omni is a high quality robust and durable solution for 868 MHz licence-free installations

The FG8243 800/868 MHz fibreglass outdoor omni antenna from Laird is a high quality, robust and durable antenna for continuous outdoor deployment. The radiating elements are made from highefficiency copper and are carefully phased to provide
maximum gain in the horizontal plan
e. . The gold-anodized mounting sleeves are tuned to eliminate RF currents from the
transmission line, resulting in a cold sleeve allowing great freedom in mount.

With a gain of 4.5 dBi, the FG8243 offers effective RF performance in a sheath measuring just 588mm. Terminated in a N-Female connector, this antenna can used with custom specified low loss cables. For mounting on a pole, the FM2 mounting kit is sold separately.

The FG8243 800/868 MHz fibreglass outdoor omni is one a range of Laird omni antennas covering a multitude of frequencies.