TRA6927M3 LTE Phantom low profile antenna

The TRA6927M3 Phantom LTE is a 4G and LTE robust low profile antenna offering up to 5 dBi gain when mounted on to a suitable metal surface

The Laird TRA6927M3 LTE Phantom 4G low profile antenna with a NMO mount to mate to magnetic or permanent mounts. It needs to be mounted onto a conductive metal surface such as vehicle or narrowboat roof, metal cabinet or bracket and then can offer up to 5 dBi across the frequency bands. It covers most worldwide LTE frequencies from 690-2700 and its mechanically robust design  is suitable for outdoor applications with wide bandwidth and a low angle radiation pattern making it superior to traditional gain antennas in most deployments.

We typically stock both white and black radome models and also the permanent and magnetic mounts. We also tend to stock the white permanent version which is terminated in a N-Female connector.

A version of the TRA6927M3 LTE Phantom antenna mated to a magnetic mount, the LTE-HIGAIN-MAG,  with 4M cable can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

A 2.4/5 GHz permanent mount version of the Phantom is also available. TRAB24/49003P.