WMO4504 Wall-Mount 450 MHz Omni Antenna

The WMO4504 Wall-Mount antenna is a 450-470 MHz outdoor fibreglass omni-directional antenna suited for UHF and LTE450 access applications

The WMO4504 Wall-Mount omni antenna is fibreglass omni-directional antenna operating between 450 and 470 MHz. Mounted onto a stainless steel L-bracket for wall-mounting, this antenna is compact and offers 4 dBi gain.

Ideally suited to UHF access applications including LTE 450 network access, the WMO4504 is robust and designed for continuous outdoor deployment. Combined with our BWL195, RF240 and RF400 cables, this antenna offers a tidy and flexible solution for variety of applications.

The WMO4504 wall-mount antenna measures 320mm in overall length and is terminated in a N-Female connector.

The formal part number for this antenna is WMO4504-WMB.

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