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WCO 450 MHz MIMO Compact Outdoor Omni Antenna

The WCO 450 MHz MIMO compact outdoor omni-directional antenna is a compact and robust solution for UHF and LTE 450 applications

The WCO 450 MHz MIMO compact omni antenna is designed for 450-470 MHz frequencies. Compromised of two WCO 450 MHz elements mounted onto a stainless steel L-Bracket, this antenna is compact and robust. It is a ideal for LTE450 industrial and commercial applications requiring MIMO antenna functionality.

Both antenna elements use the bracket as a ground planes and offer a gain of 2 dBi with a VSWR of less than 1.8:1. Each antenna is fed by a N-Female connector allowing custom coaxial cable lengths to be used, such as RF195 or RF240. The WCO 450 MHz MIMO omni antenna is primarily designed for wall mount (fixings not supplied with the antenna).

For an enclosed 450 MIMO omni antenna, check out the LMO4547.

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