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WIFI2B9 dual band wifi marine omni antenna

The WIFI2B9 dual band marine omni antenna is designed for marine applications where a high gain antenna is required for a reliable WLAN connection

This WIFI2B9 dual band WiFI marine antenna from Scan is suitable for 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi frequencies for professional marine applications.
Supplied with a revolving nut kit so the antenna can be easily attached to 1″ 11 (G1″-11 thread)marine mounts, this antenna is built specifically with marine applications in mind.

The WiFi2B9 dual band antenna is ideal for leisure marine applications where connecting to marine WiFi services is of paramount importance for connectivity. For a LTE marine omni antenna, check out the UHF4G antenna.


Frequency –  2400 – 2495 MHz, 4910 – 5925 MHz (IEEE 802.11 (WLAN) a/b/g/h/j/n/p/ac )
Bandwidth –  Low band 95 MHz, High band 1015 MHz
Impedance – 50 ohm
VSWR  – < 2.0:1
Polarisation  – Vertical
Gain – 9 dB (Marine), 5 dBd, 7.1 dBi
Radiation – Pattern Omni-directional
Max. Input Power  -10 W
Antistatic Protection – Direct Ground (DC-short)

Connector Type – N-Female
Length Approx. –  0.7 m
Weight Approx – 0.82 kg