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10000-031 Marine Deck Mount Chrome Finish

The 10000-031 Marine Deck mount from Scan antenna has a chrome finish and is solution to mount UHF4G and WIFI2B9 marine omni antennas

The 10000-031 Marine Deck Mount from Scan is a marine grade mount for the Scan omni antennas such as the WiFi2B9 and the UHF4G. This bracket mount is especially made for antennas with the 1″ Revolving Nut Mounting System and the UHF4G and the WIFI2B9 antennas are compatible with this. AISI-316 Stainless steel mounting hardware is included.

This deck mount product is one of a range of mounts and brackets complementing Scan marine antennas. For marine rail or mast mount options, please visit the Scan website for more details or contact us for support.

The 10000-031 marine deck mount can be purchase from the Connex Webshop in small volumes.

For larger quantities, please contact us for pricing and lead times.