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Neris – Tri-band GSM internal PCB antenna

The Neris is a Tri-band GSM internal PCB antenna and ground plane independent designed to be integrated into GSM and cellular devices and terminals

The Neris is a Tri-band GSM internal PCB antenna based upon multi-band dipole antenna design covering the 900/1800/1900 MHz frequency bands. With its effective form factor of 81x21mm, the Neris can be easily integrated into a range of wireless products lending itself as an off-the-shelf internal antenna solution. This makes it useful for telemetry, monitoring, security and telematics applications where groundplane independent internal PCB antenna is required.

It is a ground plane independent design suitable for wireless terminal, gateway,  or access point applications and in can be simply taped to the inside of a non-metal enclosure.

The antenna is available in various cable and connector configurations such as SMA, MMCX, U.FL etc.

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