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AD20 – compact pentaband internal pcb antenna

The AD20 is a compact pentaband internal pcb antenna that can be built into 3G, GSM and cellular mobile, portable and fixed terminals and devices.

The AD20 is compact pentaband internal PCB antenna covering cellular, GSM and 3G frequency bands.

Designed for small and portable devices as well as fixed terminals, the AD20 is ideal for telemetry, telematics, wireless monitioring and access applications using 3G, GSM and cellular networks.

Measuring just 47x15mm, the AD20 is small enough to fit into many wireless products and can be supplied with a variety of cable/connector configurations including U.FL, CRC9, TS9 and MMCX  to complement most pentaband 3G, cellular and GSM modules.

The AD20 can be affixed to the inside of a product enclosure, but tape, adhesive or velcro depending on the type of installation. The AD20 antenna should not be mounted directly onto a metal surface or components.

For an external penband antenna, you could consider the PTR2100 antenna.