SQ7 – Multiband 4G LTE Internal PCB Antenna

The SQ7 is a Multiband 4G and LTE Internal PCB Antenna ideal for integrating to LTE and 4G terminals gateways and devices

The SQ7 is a LTE Internal PCB antenna based on multi-band, groundplane independent design optimised for 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE frequencies. With compact dimensions of 110x21mm (length by width) and thickness of 1.6mm, the SQ7 antenna is typically used internally in a communications product such as an access device, router or fixed or mobile terminal. Supporting worldwide 4G/LTE frequency bands including 700 MHz for North America and 800/2600 MHz for Europe, it is a versatile solution for wireless products.

The SQ7 offers a typical gain of 1.5 dBi across the bands with a maximum VSWR of just over 2:1. As it has its own groundplane, this antenna can operate without the need for additional proximity groundplane, but will need some keep away space inside terminals to ensure it radiates effectively. The SQ7 can be specified with a range of cable/connector configutations including U.FL, SMA, MMCX, GSC and more.

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