LCO7270-WMB 4G Wall-Mount Compact Omni Antenna

The LCO7270-WMB 4G wall-mount compact omni antenna is ideal for outdoor 4G/LTE deployments where a robust and discreet antenna is required

The LCO7270-WMB 4G Wall-Mount omni antenna is a compact, but robust outdoor omni-directional antenna. Based on our LCO7270 antenna product line, this version is supplied with a durable L-bracket for wall-mounted applications.

Housed in a UV-resistant LURAN sheath mounted on a passivated aluminum base, the LCO7270-WMB antenna is terminated in a N-Female connector and can be coupled with a low loss cable that complements the application. Typical low loss cables used are RF195 and RF240.

With a gain of 2-3 dBi across the frequency bands, the LCO7270-WMB 4G wall-mount omni antenna offers consistent performance across the frequencies which makes it ideal for security, control and access systems, utility installations and 4G access applications.