L-Flex – 4G LTE multiband flexible PCB antenna

The L-Flex is a 4G LTE multiband flexible PCB antenna suitable for integrating into LTE devices, terminals and wireless products

The L-Flex is a 4G LTE multiband flexible PCB antenna designed for integrating into 4G and LTE multiband devices, terminals and products where a high performance, but flexi PCB-based antenna is required. Measuring 137x33x0.2m the L-Flex is discreet enough to fit into space limited terminals via its double-sided adhesive pad on the underside.

The L-Flex antenna can be configured with U.FL, SMA, GSC, IPEX, MMCX, FME or TS9 and many other connectors as required and cable length can be customised too.

The L-Flex lends itself well to devices that have some space for a grounplane independent antenna such as security and alarm panels, kiosks, wireless CCTV systems and 4G monitoring applications.

European customers can purchased small quantities of the L-Flex antenna online here.

For a 4G LTE terminal antenna, you could consider the WTR7270 antenna.

The formal part number for this antenna is FLFX35349.