W-Flex – Dual band WiFi flexi PCB antenna

The W-Flex is a dual band WiFi flexi PCB antenna suitable for mounting on the inside of a curved WiFi device enclosure where a flat surface is not available

EAD would like to introduce a new dual band WiFi flexi PCB antenna.

The W-Flex is a stablemate to the L-Flex LTE flexible PCB antenna from EAD. It is a 2.4-2.5 / 4.9-5.9 GHz groundplane independent flexi PCB antenna measuring just 57x8x0.2mm. With an adhesive strip on the rear of the antenna for ease of mounting, the W-FLEX antenna can be affixed to the inside of curved enclosures for maximum flexibility of mounting. The is especially useful where a flat surface for mounting is not available.

Offering a peak gain of 2 dBi on the 2.4 GHz band and 4 dBi across the 5 GHz band, the W-FLEX is a small but effective antenna for mobile and portable WiFi devices.

For a rigid dual band WiFi PCB antenna, you could consider the Rhea antenna.