V-Flex – 2.4 GHz WLAN Flexi PCB antenna

The V-Flex is a Flexi PCB antenna operating in the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands for WLAN and WiFi applications where the antenna should be internal to the product

The V-Flex is a Flexi PCB antenna designed for WLAN and WiFi applications operating in the 2.4-2.5 and 4.9-5.8 GHz bands. Supplied with an adhesive backing, the V-Flex antennas is designed to be affixed to the inside of non-metal wireless enclosures. Offering 3 dBi gain on the lower band and over 4 dBi gain on the upper band, and measuring just 49x20x0.2mm, this antenna offers a compact and thin, but very functional wireless antenna solution.

The V-Flex can be supplied with a range of connector and cable options with connectors including U.FL, RP-SMA, SMA, MMCX and many more.

You could also check out our longer, but narrower W-Flex Flexi PCB antenna as an alternative.

We also offer a LTE Flexi PCB antenna called the L-Flex.

The formal part number for the V-Flex is FVFX35353.